Good morning everyone! Let's hope that this heat gives us a little respite because it is starting to be a little unbearable. he he

As we have already told you, this year for the sea of ​​dreams collection we have used our own prints. It is true that on Instagram we have told you a little about what is behind them... But let's go a little deeper !

I have a friend named Yara who is a scientific illustrator. One day while talking to her, she showed me several illustrations of whales that she had been doing and that personally fascinated me. Also, one of the many other days we have met he told me that there are many people who love whales as a large and mysterious animal. And this is a fact: few people have had the pleasure of seeing them in first person.

So, I decided that these illustrations would form one of the prints in my first collection with my own prints. Thanks to Yara I was able to make this print: whale print . I asked him to send me illustrations of whales with four different positions to give them a different meaning: to simulate that they are dancing, that is, that they are in motion. Also, no matter how you look at the garment with this background print you can see how there is always a whale looking up, it is not unidirectional!

With this print I tried to find a nice combination: mix the elegant with the fun. Being a nautical theme, what could be better than navy blue in the background! I hope you are liking it as much as I do, which is no small thing!

The “water drops” print is the second to come to light. I am a person who really likes water, but apart from this personal fact, the "water drops" print also has another origin.

As many of you know, I trained in La Llotja, and during my studies I took a printing subject. One of the many projects I did was published in a magazine. From that time I remember that what I liked most was working with floral and geometric shapes, whether triangles or repeating figures.

However, since the entire digital revolution I had to change my way of working and I recently started drawing patterns with a tablet and a pen, something I had never done before. I spent the entire month of January this year drawing, in the end, it seemed like the drawings were coming out of my ears!

Of all the sketches I tried, I ended up choosing the drops, they give it a meaning of infinity, which is a bit what I was looking for. Also, I thought that in summer what we want many days is to lie down in a place full of water and never go out again!

As for the colors, I opted for fuchsia and turquoise blue because they represent the brand, they are our corporate colors. What better than dressing in colors that provide light and illuminate us on those darkest days?

Happy weekend!

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