After a lot of travel, effort and bric-a-brac, we now have the new collection here. A sea of ​​dreams, a name that represents, letter by letter, the DNA of our brand, has been designed thinking every second about the commitment and respect for the proximity and exclusivity that we offer.

As they say, every effort has its reward, but our reward is also your attention. And it is for all this that we are going to make sense of it!

Who says dreaming is only for children? A sea of ​​dreams is nothing less than a dream come true! Protecting our oceans and their ecosystems must remain a priority. A sea of ​​dreams is a collection that is governed by the #slowfashion movement. We are based on small productions manufactured in Barcelona, ​​each model has a unique identity.

In this collection you can find pieces made with natural fabrics such as cotton or viscose. Both fabrics have properties that will make the summer heat more bearable! They are soft, breathable, resistant, adaptable and fresh! Summery colors with a lot of vitality are what you can find in each of our new models. Let color brighten your days!

For seven years now, use and don't throw away has been one of the mottos that most represents Laia Papió. Like all the garments we have been designing, a sea of ​​dreams could not be less. All the pieces that make up the collection are designed without an expiration date. Laia Papió and our marine ecosystems do not understand temporality and neither does our new collection!

Changing the current consumption prototype is our most ambitious challenge, for this reason... Will you join to be part of this process? Consuming local, local, exclusive and current fashion will be your first step.

Welcome to our sea of ​​dreams!

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