The story of our third print is completely curious, and now you will see why!

The "algae" print was actually born from a mistake I made with the tablet I work with. Years ago I had a skirt with a print that I love, and I thought: Laia, try new things from that print. So it was! Trying and trying, I incorporated some completely strange stains and repetitions that finally gave birth to the print that we are presenting to you. The most beautiful coincidences are born from mistakes!

Although I liked the result that those mistakes had given me, I continued trying to incorporate new forms, but I was not completely convinced: I liked the coincidence born from a mistake!

I decided that the single shape that first came out worked perfectly without any other shapes surrounding it, and that's when I thought about colors. The color green is my all-time favorite, therefore, it had to be the protagonist. For the background, I liked that there was a color that contrasted with the green and the "water drops" print, since the colors of this one are very bright. Additionally, these two prints represent the two types of audiences I currently have.

Regarding the last print, if you have read one of our previous posts you will know that the first print that makes up this summer's new collection is whales.

The story of this print comes from the whales that Yara illustrated for me. Since I already had these animals illustrated, and since it is one of my favorites, I took the opportunity to dedicate a print just to the tails of these animals, since it is the part that fascinates me the most!

At first I started combining the tails alone, but the result did not convince me so I decided to incorporate geometric shapes that caught my attention. Combining the tails with small polka dots ended up giving the result I wanted. The funniest fact of all, however, is that this print reminds me of a vermouth : I imagine that the polka dots are olives and that the tails are anchovies!

I love the combination of the figures with the bright colors that make up the print and it seems that you do too because it is the print that you are liking the most!


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