Spring has arrived at Laia Papió and with it our new pieces from the summer/22 collection. After a few difficult months for everyone, we are back with the latest news that we have created for you.
This year, however, we want to present our great OLA: we have made pieces from bamboo fabric. This fabric is one hundred percent natural and ideal to wear in summer since it is a soft, very pleasant and fresh material. In addition, this fabric considerably blocks the sun's UVA rays, making it perfect to wear in the summer!
So we return with our models that have been most successful throughout these 7 years. How soon it is said, we have been open for seven years now! Don't let your worries stop you from enjoying yourself and treat yourself to your own whims!
If you stop by to see us, with our personalized attention that represents us, you will be able to enjoy the softest, most adjustable and comfortable garments that will make your days more bearable.
Enjoy the meri t-shirts, made from natural fabrics such as cotton or viscose, the new Cochi t-shirt models made with bamboo knit, our Trini pants made with tencel, the Laura skirt made with viscose and our scarves that combine perfectly with our Meri.
May color illuminate your days, we are waiting for you!
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