My trip to Paris!

After two years of pandemic and a baby, I have returned to Paris!
And before all this happened, it had already become common for me to go buy fabrics in Paris. I went to Première Vision in September and February.
One of the most important fabric fairs in the world. And there I had found a way to be able to buy small quantities of fabrics for my mini collections.
I already knew that after all this I wouldn't find the same thing, so at 6:00 in the morning I left home for the airport with low expectations... And I visited a much smaller fair, and many fewer exhibitors. I went directly to see my suppliers and found that many of them only manufactured to order. What does this mean? They only manufacture fabrics from 100 meters / 300 meters,... And at exorbitant prices. Because as you may have noticed, the prices of everything have gone up... And when I say everything, it means everything and fabrics are no exception.
So with my expectations low, a mini fair and an impressive price increase, I returned from Paris without fabrics and more worried than before. Of course, enjoying like a dwarf to see all the new fabrics!! And fabrics fascinate me. A fabric store for me is paradise, well imagine a fair with all the most and best in the industry! Brutal :)!
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