In the previous post we explained who the production process followed Laia Papió.

In particular, it was a pleasure to be able to explain in detail why for us it is also important to be able to show all the hours and efforts that have gone into each piece and each image!

Since each collection is a piece and not all follow the same times, the first step is the famous pluja d'idees. Here we begin to write proposals or ideas of what you would like to see for the next season. This phase is very close to inspiration in order to complement our ideas. Once these ideas and proposals are solid, the creation of the designs begins. Nosaltres, we divide the creation stage into two: the pattern design stage and the stamp design stage. The pattern design stage is in designing the new fish, this is a stage that takes three times to combine our best sellers with our patterns. As we can see here, we created for example the mistral pants or the collection for babies. The stamp creation stage is one of those that requires the most hours of work since during the process it is a lot of efforts to provide colors, symmetries, shapes, coherence... Finally, when the design is created, the technical fit is created. on hi we specify the measurements, the materials, the colors, the name.

Un cop hem fet tots aquests more theoretical processes per dir-ho d'alguna forma comnça la pàctica. Now that we already know which fish we will make and which stamps we will use, it is time to select the items. This phase is very important because from Laia Papió we have very much in mind the sustainability of these things, which fit both the fish into the ones we use, which remain comfortable and above all of good quality. Whenever we demand samples of the techniques it is to evaluate them, we do not always choose the first option, but rather try to choose the one that best suits our fish. When the issue is hidden, the next step is to coordinate both patronage and manufacturing. As in many other stages, this phase also requires a lot of time since it is fan of many patronage tests just to start the preparation so the piece continued to be a 10. Face that it is the patronage's facin and it was sent to preparation first is fa a first Show the fish to see what the final result is. If this results in the end we agree to start manufacturing the desired fish, if not, we will continue to prove it.

With the final approval of the displays, a copy of these manufacturers began with the photographic campaign. Since not all the fish are finished, we always have a sample of each. Depending on the season and the collection, the campaign photograph is done in a different way than the previous one. There are times when I get to do a shooting with a fund that goes together with the theme of the collection or others that I opt for simply to have a product photo with a model that everyone knows, well mate!

Once the photographic campaign is over, the last thing left is to upload all the photos to the website with the description and the corresponding price and place them in the store. Ah, I don't forget one last step: wait for your arms to open to our physical botiga!

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