The blue of the water, the gray of the cell phone and the groc of the hope. These are the colors that I have chosen to represent the printed patterns below. Unlike many people, the world brings out my positive emotions: relaxation, calm, tranquility. The days of going to the store are always special, the constant anxiety that we had a lot of trouble due to the lack of a bandage these days disappeared and gave way to tranquility. To the satisfaction of knowing that the lack of sales that day is not the work that has given up each piece but rather why plou. In fact, there is a story from the medieval period that said: mullats streets, eixuts calaixos. I would precisely turn out to be a mica això, we can't fer-hi against the temps.

With the print of the material, what I am looking for is precisely to reflect all these emotions. That calm remained synonymous with pluja. That the light is always il·lumini and that the gray dies do not remain so gray if we accept that not all the dies can be good.

Both the stamps named white and gray are super combinable. In fact, one of the most important tasks that has occurred in each print is to try to ensure that the colors and the design are easy to combine and that the design is used for various occasions.

All sweaters are 100% cotton, designed, printed and made in Barcelona. Made of super pleasant plush to the touch, soft and of good quality so that the pugueu can serve many times.
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