Clouds, rain and fog... Are you imagining yourself, like me, entering a dimension where the mixture of all these phenomena forms a world unknown to all of us? How would it be another world?

Well no, it will no longer be an unknown dimension... you are entering the universe that will be part of our new winter collection!

Our new collection delves into a world where weather phenomena make all the sense in the world! And, aren't you noticing how the changes are becoming more and more sudden? We started the day cloudy, then a deluge of hell falls and we end the day with a fog that we can't even see with glasses!

Fighting climate change is one of the basic purposes by which the brand is governed. This new collection is designed to make us aware of how we are damaging our mother earth.

An ode to continue fighting to protect the mother who has given us a place to be free. With this collection we open a door to a world far from injustice, deforestation, large textile industries, let's say... from the most conservative capitalism that deprives us of our freedom.

We create this world because we like to be wind, we want and must be free. We love it when it rains, because we are pure and courageous mothers . We are clouds, because we have our own identity and we are a fundamental pillar in an advanced society. But we are also fog, we are restless and independent .

And this is precisely how grandmothers, mothers and daughters are. A wonderful generational cycle that demonstrates the power we have within this world. Just like you have it inside this capsule. Garments that do not understand ages or seasons. Pieces that reflect the empowerment and courage that we show day in and day out. A mixture of parallel phenomena with our emotions. Because the feeling that this collection carries inside is the same one that we should feel: freedom, purity and independence.

Welcome to a new world called “Us” . Give yourself the privilege of entering, without reservations or conditions. Experiment, try, have doubts, but above all be free and buy what makes you feel most special.

Thank you once again for the trust! Remember: we are many things, but above all free!

A new dimension full of news is opening the door to you... Will you close it?

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Havia vist els abrics…preciosos…classics..amb una modernitat visible…ben fets. Bona qualitat i roba amb caient elegant.felicitats..he vist qualitat, classicisme : clasic vol dir de sempre! D’avans…i d’ara..I els colors q has triat molt alegres…atemporals..cert…tambe per mi..75 anys…nomes es tracta de voler anar calent i elegant! Felicitats..per seguir el que vols: qualitat i modenitat!

Toni Bisbal

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