Ya estamos de vuelta.

We're back.

Finally we are back, this year it has cost us more than any other to return to our beloved store! And when your health doesn't allow it, well, you can't and that's it. But we are already with our hands in the dough. We will have beautiful coats on the way, irresistible very comfortable pants, dresses with ecological fabric and to top it off our beautiful shirts. So slowly but surely we are preparing this winter collection whose function will be to ENCOURAGE US! Because this fall we need to pamper ourselves more than ever.
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Hi Laia,

It’s wonderful to find your website!

I discovered your store three years ago when we visited Barcelona and I absolutely LOVE your stylish designs. Whenever I wear the short dress or green jacket or knit tops people always admire them.

I hope you can post to Australia. I hope to order something soon! (Would a size 10 be small or medium?)

Bless you for good health and success.


Cindy Williams

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