La nuevas medidas

The new measures

Last week I opened the door of my store to my clients by appointment. And we were talking, talking and talking about this new reality that we have to live. With a mask, with gel and from a distance. With quarantine clothes and with a crazy desire for the two kisses and the hug. And I have no shortage of desire because being able to open the blinds and see you come in makes my heart skip a beat. ❤️
It hasn't been easy for me, the return is hard. You want to go back to that, but that no longer exists...
So what I have learned is that we have to arm ourselves with patience, calm and community. Because we will get out of this but little by little.
Now more than ever, support all those projects that move you inside. Because without all of them, our lives are not the same. So cheers and virtual hugs.
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