¿En qué mundo quieres vivir?

What is the world where you want to live in?

We ended this confined Sunday looking for new approaches to show you our garments. Because if this confinement has given me anything (apart from the scare) it is time to design the website, take a course and polish the camera.📸📚
This week has been #fashionrevolutionweek although for me the "fashionrevolution" is what we all do all year round, both the designers who fight to be able to have a locally manufactured product and all the consumers who make the effort to buy from us .
So I send you a giant hug, because if we (small businesses) get out of this it will be thanks to you. 👏👏👏
Because in small businesses there is neighborhood life. Because local production has jobs and I think it is the only way that Covid-19 does not take even more things away.
Because with our consumption we decide what world we want to live in.
So you decide... 😘
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